X-MEN (Savage Land) action figures

The X-Men find themselves mysteriously transported to the Savage Land, a prehistoric tropical jungle in the middle of hte Arctic circle! With the help of their friend and leader of the Savage Land, Ka-Zar, the X-Men weave their way through this treacherous land. Aided by dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts, Storm, Wolverine, Angel and Joseph have their hands full throughout their dangerous journey.
Savage Storm & Colossus (Savage Land)
The weather goddess, Storm, is always ready to stir up the elements. With the weather at her every command, Storm can summon a bolt of lightning, call forth a tornado or even fly on powerful winds she controls. Storm helps lead the X-Men into battle with the help of a native of the Savage Land, a Triceratops! Combining her elemental control with the Triceratops' devastating head ramming action, Storm is unstoppable. Each are 5" tall.
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