X-MEN (Ninja Force) action figures

Dark Nemesis
A survivor from a parallel earth ruled by the evil Apocalypse, Dark Nemesis now seeks to take over the world of the X-Men. Hoping to start his empire with the nation of Japan, Dark Nemesis enlists the other-worldly Space Ninja Deathbird and her advanced Shi'ar technology for his plot. With a mind-controlled Ninja Sabretooth enforcing Dark Nemesis's will, even Ninja Wolverine and Ninja Psylocke may not survive against his unbelievable power. Features Spear Shooting Staff!
Ninja Psylocke
A mutant with powerful telepathic abilities, Ninja Psylocke has been a long-time ally and member of the X-Men. Extensive training in the arts of the ninja have made Ninja Psylocke a silent, living weapon. Using her many skills, Ninja Psylocke fights the forces of Dark Nemesis and Space Ninja Deathbird in the battle for the freedom of Japan! 5" tall figure features Extending Power Sword!
Ninja Sabretooth
Spending years as a secret agent, Ninja Sabretooth was trained in many forms of combat, including those of the Ninja. Ninja Sabretooth's mutant healing factor and animal rage, combined with this training make him an extremely dangerous opponent. Now, brainwashed by Dark Nemesis, Ninja Sabretooth has been sent to stop Ninja Wolverine and Ninja Psylocke...using whatever means necessary! Includes Clip-On Claw Armor!
Ninja Wolverine
Long ago, trained in the ways of the martial arts, Ninja Wolverine formed a powerful bond with Japan and many of its people. So, when Dark Nemesis threatens to destroy Japan, Ninja Wolverine is ready to tear him to pieces! Joined by fellow X-Man Ninja Psylocke, Ninja Wolverine uses his razor-sharp claws and martial arts abilities to do whatever it takes to stop the forces that would enslave his adopted homeland! 5" scale.
Space Ninja Deathbird
From the depths of space and the Shi'ar Empire comes the power-hungry Space Ninja Deathbird! Teaming-up with Dark Nemesis in his plot to take over Japan, Space Ninja Deathbird uses Shi'ar mind-control technology to manipulate the country's leaders! But Space Ninja Deathbird's activity does not go unnoticed, and professor X sends Ninja Psylocke and Ninja Wolverine to stop the alien's villainous actions! 5" tall figure includes Fold-Out Ninja Wings!
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