X-MEN (Missile Flyers) action figures

Future Bishop (Missile Flyers)
Fighting alongside the X-Men for as long has he has, Bishop has adventured throughout the world and battled unspeakable villains. But little can compare to flying into battle with the power of a jet rocket! Swooping into attack position against Apocalypse and his horseman, Bishop lets loose with a barrage of energy blasts, leaving the way clear for his flying teammates. 6" scale.
Future Shard
A member of the mutant group X-Factor, Shard now fights alongside the X-Men against the forces of Apocalypse. As skilled with a blaster as she is with her mutant powers, Shard can stand on her own against anyone. Flying high on her missile flyer, 5" tall Shard takes on Apocalypse with the bravery and skill she acquired as a member of the future mutant group, the XSE.
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