X-MEN (Monster Armor) action figures

Cyclops (Monster Armor)
Studying the genetic structure of Scott Summers' family for many years, Mister Sinister took special care when mutating Cyclops into the one-eyed mutant monster Cyclaw! A bizarre genetic creation, Cyclaw is a one-eyed beast with optic blasts that disintegrate whatever they hit! Completely under the control of Mister Sinister, Cyclaw is Sinister's chief weapon against the remaining X-Men! Features snap-on Cyclaw armor. 6" scale.
Mystique (Monster Armor)
Wanting her foster-daughter, Rogue back in her life, Mystique helps Mister Sinister in his plan to take over the X-Men! Shapeshifting into the Beast, Mystique tricks the X-Men into Sinister's clutches. Witnessing Sinister turn Rogue into a monster proves too much for Mystique, and she turns against the villain, using the now out of control monster - Wolverine to aid in her revolt. Includes Snap-On She-Beast Armor! 6" scale.
Rogue (Monster Armor)
Captured by Mystique and mutated by Mister Sinister, Rogue has become a hideous leech monster! Possessing all of Rogue's super-strength and invulnerability, the leech monster's only desire is to feed off of the powers of other mutants. Controlled by Mystique and Mister Sinister, the monster-Rogue is nearly unstoppable siphoning the powers from other mutants, making her stronger than ever. Includes Snap-On Cyclaw Armor! 5" tall.
Sinister (Monster Armor)
$24.99 $49.99
A master of mutation, Mister Sinister has long sought to rule the mutants of the world, and the X-Men have stopped him every time. Now capturing and mutating the X-Men into hideous monsters, Sinister uses the transformed X-Men in his latest plot for world domination. Donning his cyborg armor and leading his mutant monsters into battle, Sinister has everything he needs to achieve his evil goals! Includes Snap-On Cyber Tech Armor! 6" scale.
Wolverine (Monster Armor)
$19.99 $24.99
Transformed by Mister Sinister into a creature possessing pure andimal fury, Wolverine is now the monster-beast, Fangor. Breaking the bars of his holding cell, the monster Wolverine rages out of control. Using his increased strength, Wolverine destroys Sinister's mutagenic equipment and soon finds himself attacked by monster versions of Rogue and Cyclops! Wolverine is mutankind's last, best hope against the power of sinister. 5" scale.
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