X-MEN (Invasion Series) action figures

Archangel II
As the high-flying Angel, Warren Worhtington III was one of the original members of the X-Men. Years later, Worthington's real wings were dissected, replaced with razor sharp wings of steel, and he was transformed into Archangel, one of the four Horseman of Apocalypse. Now, having fought against the conditioning that tainted and turned him into a living weapon, Archangel has embraced his humanity and strives to regain that purity that once surrounded him. 5" scale figure features Wing-Flapping Action!
Battle Ravaged Wolverine
Since long before he joined the X-Men, Wolverine has been squaring off against opponents in all types of battles, from silent ambushes to brawls. His mutant healing factor allows Wolverine to recover from wounds and injuries at a rate much faster than normal, letting him take greater risks when in combat. Fighting is in this man's nature, but Wolverine must always take care to hold his berserker fury in check and keep his animal nature from taking control.
Captive Sabretooth
$9.99 $24.99
Captured and restrained, Sabretooth, one of the X-Men's most bitter enemies, has reached out to Professor Xavier for help. Sabretooth has never held back the more bestial side of his personality, and now that same side threatens to overwhelm him. A hostile air hangs throughout the mansion as the X-Men share their home with this "guest", knowing that until his savage urge is suppressed, Sabretooth remains a ferocious animal, chained in a cage. 5" scale.
Eric The Red
An agent of the Shi'ar Empire, Eric the Red has proven to be a deadly adversary to the uncanny X-Men. Assigned to the sector around planet Earth, he was called upon by Emperor D'Ken to do battle with the mutant heroes aboard the Eagle One space station. Though unable to defeat the X-Men, Eric the Red's blind faith to his Empire, combined with advanced Shi'ar weaponry and his espionage abilities, makes him a foe to be reckoned with. Features Super Metallic Armor!
Havok (Invasion Series)
Alex Summers, out from under the shadow of Cyclops, his ideal leader brother, steps into a leadership position of his own, that of the government sponsored mutant team X-Factor. As Havok, Summers has used his mutant power to rechannel absorbed cosmic energy in the form of super-hot waves of plasma in countless battles alongside his brother and the X-Men. A living power-storage cell, Havok is leading a team of young mutants in the field, and feeling the pressures of that responsibility.

5" tall.

Iceman II
One of the youngest X-Men, Bobby Drake always resigned himself to the role of the jokester, using his ice powers to cool off the attitudes of his more serious team-mates. But for the short time the White Queen inhabited his body, Iceman's powers were pushed to the max, affecting his appearance and the performance of his mutant ability. Now back in control of his own body, Iceman has begun to redefine himself, testing his limits to discover how powerful he really is.

5" tall.

Spiral (Invasion Series)
Any place the other-dimensional sorceress known as Spiral chooses to dance her spells of mayhem, is not a good place to be. A humanoid creation of the slave driving television personality Mojo, Spiral's six arms lend themselves as adeptly to combat skills and swordplay as they do to the casting of spells. Of fleeting allegiance and no apparent agenda, Spiral teleports herself across dimensions searching for ways to satisfy her disorderly whim. 5" tall.
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