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Youíll find the best deals on X-Men action figures & X-Men Movie Collectibles. Our selection includes classic X-Men action figures, X-Men Evolution figurines, Mutant Genesis & Mutant Monsters, and Series 1-7. Since their creation in 1963, the X-Men have been captivating consumers and collectors alike. We have Wolverine action figures, Storm figures, and Professor Xavier collectibles. Each X-Men has a unique super power complete with exciting accessories to play with. If you need assistance finding a specific X-Men action figure, call us at 440-228-5662.
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26" Wolverine Plush Pillowtime Pal
Measures 26" x 14".

Completely soft except for faux leather shoulder pads.

Asteroid M Playset (Pocket Comics)
$14.99 $24.99
Magneto's private torture world. From his flip down catwalk he drops the Beast into a two-part working neon chamber then hauls him back up on the magnetic sky hook.

Includes 1.25" tall Magneto & Beast figures.

Battle Action Mega-Armor Wolverine
The X-Men are at the mercy of the robotic Sentinels...can even Wolverine save them by himself? If he's going to go up against the unstoppable robot sentries, he's going to need all the power he can get. And power is the name of the game with Wolverine's Mega-Armor! The Mega-Armor enhances Wolverine's strength ten-fold and gives him the firepower necessary to take down a score of Sentinels and rescue his captive teammates!

Features high impact metallic body armor, power punch fist, metallic platform boots and spinning battle claws.

Includes special 5" Wolverine that fits inside armor.

Beast (poseable die-cast)
2.5" tall figure.
Bone Claws Wolverine
Having bones laced with the super-strong metal adamantium, Wolverine's skeleton was nearly unbreakable! So when Magneto used his powers to rip the metal from inside Wolverine's body, it left him with a normal human skeleton. Now when Wolverine pops his trademark weapons, his enemies see razor sharp claws made of bone instead of metal! But be certain - even without an adamantium skeleton, Wolverine is still the best at what he does!

Includes an exclusive Fleer Overpower playing card.

Cerebro Room Playset (Pocket Comics)
Situated deep in the heart of the X-Mansion, Cerebro is a powerful computer designed by Professor X to detect the presence of mutants, wherever they might be. Whenever its clarion claxon sounds, the X-Men rush to the scene, hopeful that they will find a new recruit for their heroic mission, and fearful that it will prove to be another mutant menace they must vanquish!

Includes 1.25" tall Professor X & Juggernaut figures. Features wall smashing action.

Classic X-Men 5-Pack
Features the original X-Men in their original uniforms. Includes Marvel Girl, Iceman, Cyclops, Angel and Beast.
Electronic Wolverine "Talks"
Wolverine is the X-Men's greatest fighter. One reason is his super-sharp, unbreakable adamantium claws! When Wolverine tells Evil Mutants "I've got claws, I can use 'em", and "Take your best shot" and when they hear the clicking sound of his claws, they know they have to surrender fast, or suffer the consequences!
Jean Grey (Battle Blaster)
Trapped in an alternate universe, Jean Grey wages a battle against Omega, one of Apocalypse's minions. One of the most powerful mutant telepaths on the planet, Jean Grey has teamed up with Wolverine to put an end to Apocalypse's diabolical plans once and for all. With her transforming Catapult Tank Blaster, Jean has a secret weapon that can send any opponent down for the count! 5" scale.
Jean Grey (Battle Blasters)
Trapped in an alternate universe, Jean Grey wages a battle against Omega, one of Apocalypse's minions. One of the most powerful mutant telepaths on the planet, Jean Grey has teamed up with Wolverine to put an end to Apocalypse's diabolical plans once and for all. With her transforming Catapult Tank Blaster, Jean has a secret weapon that can send any opponent down for the count! 6" scale.
Magneto Battle Base
Secret trigger transforms battle base into awesome attack weapon!
Marvel's Metallic Heroes 8-Pack
$49.99 $84.99
Includes 2"-3" tall versions of Spy Wolverine, Sabretooth, Omega Red, Silver Samurai, Archangel, Juggernaut, Beast and Mr. Sinister.
Sasquatch and Vindicator (Alpha Flight)
Dr. Walter Langkowski was content with his quiet, fairly normal life as a college physics professor. That was before his insatiable curiosity regarding the effects of gamma radiation upon the human body led him to accidentally transform himself into the might Sasquatch! Standing at nearly ten feet tall, covered with orange fur and able ti lift nearly 70 tons, Sasquatch is a physical powerhouse of superhuman strength. Led by electromagnetically charged Vindicator, Sasquatch serves Canada as a member of it foremost group of super heroes: Alpha Flight. Together, Alpha Flight fights to protect Canada and the world from the forces of evil.

6" Sasquatch and 5" Vindicator include an exclusive motion collectors card.

Spy Mission Playset (Pocket Comics)
Wolverine and Omega Red square off in this version of the X-Men's battling mutants scenario. Each attached to a high tech bungie cord, a mid-air battle is inevitable.

Includes 1.5" tall Wolverine & Omega Red figures.

Strike Team 8-Pack
Briging together the greatest mutants of all-time to face the threat of an alien invasion is the X-Men Strike Team! When the shapeshifting alien Skrulls come to Earth on a mission to take over the planet, their first goal is to eradicate the mutants and the Super-Heroes of the world. Using their powerful soldier Super-Skrull, the aliens seem to be on the verge of victory until Charles Xavier brings his newest team of mutants together--the X-Men Strike Team! Includes (clockwise) Jubilee, Super Skrull, Talos, Storm, Wolverine, Forge, Gambit and Banshee.
Wolverine (Projectors)
Includes 3 different film disks from the TV animated series. Projects on wall to recreate action. Requires 2 "AAA" batteries, not included.
Wolverine (Transformers Crossovers)
Basing their designs on alien technology, Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man create powerful new battle suits for the heroes of Earth.

Built to match the toughness and ferocity of Wolverine himself, this battle suit is fast, scrappy, and able to take a pounding that would turn other mechs into scrap. Advanced repair systems fix most damage done almost instantly. In addition, the mech mode pops out claws sharp enough to rip through almost any armor.

One look at this Wolverine heroís pop-out claws and youíll know that heís ready for the toughest of battles. Convert the mighty figure from hero to vehicle mode to unleash a rugged rally truck thatís sure to flatten any enemy in its path!

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Wolverine ClawBike (Mega Bloks)
Includes 30 pieces and metal card. Combine with The Incredible Hulk MissilePak and Spider-Man JetPack to create the Ultimate AttakGlider.
X-Men Triple Pack (Bishop, Sinister & Gambit)
5" tall versions of Bishop, Sinister and Gambit includes accessories.
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