X-MEN (Age Of Apocalypse) action figures

Apocalypse (Age of Apocalypse)
Apocalypse is the ruler of America. New York City is now Apocalypse Island, and all humans are sentenced to slavery! Only the most powerful mutants survive to reign alongside the high lord En Sabah Nur! Those who oppose him, like Magneto and his X-Men must live in hiding, under the constant threat of being caught- or surrender. This is not some bleak view of the future- this is now... the Age of Apocalypse. 5" scale.
Cyclops (Age of Apocalypse)
When Professor Xavier's son Legion went back in time and accidentally killed him, it changed the course of time and space- altering reality. Not only is the now one-eyed Cyclops the adopted son of Sinister, but also a head "Prelate" for the domineering Apocalypse; patrolling the breeding pens, a jail of sorts, where enspeakable experiments are conducted on his fellow mutants.
Magneto (Age Of Apocalypse)
In a different world the X-Men were founded by Erik Lehnsherr, better known as Magneto, the master of magnetism. Although the team roster has changed slightly, their quest for peace between human and mutants remains unchanged. A drive itstilled in Magneto by a man he once called a dear friend - the late Professor Charles Xavier. Includes Removable Helmet & Shrapnel Hand!
Sabretooth (Age Of Apocalypse)
Although Sabretooth is usually one of the X-Men's most fearsome foes, in this different reality, he is in fact an X-Man, fighting for peace alongside his former adversaries. And although he still possesses his savage strength and animal-like instincts, he also shares those traits via an empathic link with his feral companion, Wild Child who channels those primitive instincts, keeping rage in check. 5" scale. Includes Wild Child Sidekick Figure!
Weapon X (After Xavier, The Age Of Apocalypse)
The Age of Apocalypse - a dismal alternate reality ruled by the corrupt vision of a madman. Fighting in the mutant rebellion against the tyranny of Apocalypse is Logan, the mutant berserker known as Weapon X. Named after the government program that trained him, he is a living weapon, possessing a mutant healing factor, extraordinarily keen senses, and an unbreakable adamantium skeleton and claws. Since losing his hand to Apocalypse's forces, Logan must constantly struggle to keep his animal nature from overwhelming him in his defiant battle to preserve humanity. Includes Inverchangeable Weaponry!
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