X-MEN (Mutant Monsters) action figures

Dark Beast
In a parallel world where Charles Xavier never formed the X-Men, Hank McCoy became a dark and twisted version of the mutant hero, Beast! As a ruthless genetic scientist, the Dark Beast spent years with Apocalypse enhancing mutants abilities! Escaping the destruction of his own world, the Dark Beast has already affected this reality, most notably by experimenting on the mutants of Genosha! Anticipating the day that he will move against his adopted world, the Dark Beast studies and plans with cold-hearted patience! 6" tall figure features growl and scratch action.
Sugar Man
Once a mutant slave lord on a dark parallel world, the Sugar Man escaped to our universe when his own was destroyed! Acting secretly during the years since his arrival, the Sugar-Man has been able to manipulate the world of mutants for his own twisted purposes! Following an unknown agenda, one thing is certain: the X-Men and the Sugar Man are going to clash, and when they do Sugar Man better watch out! Features wicked laugh and big bad bite. 6" scale.
Werewolf Wolverine (Mutant Monsters)
Hiking in the European mountains of his youth, Nightcrawler, along with Wolverine are attacked by a giant wolf! Injured during the battle, Wolverine soon begins to change into a half-man, half-wolf creature! Extremely powerful and completely out-of-control, the Werewolf-Wolverine escapes and rushes deep into the forest! Seeking a mysterious tribe of gypsies that hold the only cure for Wolverine's condition, Nightcrawler races against time to save his old friend! 6" scale.
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