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Find all of your favorite Marvel Titanium Series Die-Cast Action Figures here. We carry the best selection of quality action figures at an affordable price. Search for all Marvel Universe action figures such as Avengers, Captain America, Ghost Rider, HULK, Iron Man and all Marvel superheroes & villains. Marvel comics introduced the toy action figure line, Marvel Legends, and changed the toy world with their keen attention to detail and representation of each figurine. These Marvel Comic Action Figures are available in different color combinations and accessories included. If you need assistance finding a specific or limited edition Marvel action figure, call us at 440-228-5662.

Doctor Octopus (Titanium Series Die-Cast)
The fate of the wall crawler has been inextricably linked to that of the brilliant Dr. Otto Octavius from the earliest career of both hero and villain. As a brilliant nuclear physicist and cybernetics engineer, Octavius is without peer; as Doctor Octopus he is a stunning criminal mastermind of prodigious strength and unmatched viciousness. During his first encounter with Spider-Man, he issued such a thorough pummeling to the hero that would become his arch-enemy that the web slinger considered giving up the super hero game entirely.

Since then, of course, he has suffered a series of humiliating defeats at the hands of Spider-Man, each one driving him deeper and deeper into depression and insanity. He has recently made a habit of hatching plots designed to enrich himself or garner power, rather then venturing out into the streets to go toe to toe with his enemies, who seem to grow in number every year. It is a source of unlimited rage that, despite his obviously superior intelligence, Spider-Man inevitably deduces his purposes and puts a stop to his plans.

Add to your friendly neighborhood collection of Marvel Heroes with this highly detailed, die-cast metal Doctor Octopus figure! This poseable figure comes with a display case.

Green Goblin (Titanium Series Die-Cast)
Spider-Man has a habit of inspiring really personal grudges in his enemies, but few have been as long lasting or far reaching as that of the Green Goblin. Norman Osborn has been with the wall-crawler since the very beginning, dogging him for his entire career, planning every move to extract the maximum amount of suffering from his web-slinging nemesis. No expense is too great, no crime too extreme, no life so cheap as the innocent bystanders in his vendetta. Osborn is obsessed with the destruction of Spider-Man, and nothing less will suffice.

Indeed, the Green Goblin is more than up to the task. He is gifted with strength superior to Spider-Man, reflexes and speed to match, and a healing factor that allows him to survive catastrophic injuries, as well as advanced intelligence. Despite his often raving insanity, he is incredibly patient, capable of far-reaching plots decades in the making. He has meddled in nearly every landmark event of Peter Parker's life, from the death of his first love to more recent tragedies and revelations.

Add to your friendly neighborhood collection of Marvel Heroes with this highly detailed, die-cast metal Green Goblin figure! This 5" tall poseable figure comes with a display case.

Hulk (Titanium Series Die-Cast)
Bathed in gamma radiation from the detonation of a specialized weapon of his own design, brilliant nuclear physicist Dr. Bruce Banner was mutated into the incredible green menace known as the Hulk. Unable to control his change into the destructive giant, Banner was forced to flee his former life, pursued constantly by military forces under the command of General Thadeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. Banner was able to hide from time to time, but his presence was inevitably betrayed when his subconscious rage got the better of him, and he underwent the horrible metamorphosis into his monstrous other self.

Tormented by an ever more fragmented personality, Banner and the Hulk have searched for years for the means to become one. As Banner, he is a brilliant scientist whose genius is wasted by being forced into constant transience by his fits of destructive rage. As the Hulk, he is an elemental force of destruction plagued by a childlike intellect. Both wish only to do good in the world, but both are haunted always by a deep and dark rage that bubbles just below the surface of their conscious minds.

Add to your friendly neighborhood collection of super heroes with this highly detailed, die-cast metal Hulk figure! This awesome figure comes with a display case. Stands 4.5" tall (6" tall with base).

Magneto (Titanium Series Die-Cast)
Born into a world in which the hate and fear of the majority for a minority would result in one of the greatest acts of evil ever perpetrated, Magneto learned early on what it meant to be a victim, and what it took to be a survivor. With the violent manifestation of his powers, he found himself driven even farther away from a seething mass of humanity that would sooner see him dead than learn to understand him. To him, the solution to his situation was obvious. Rather than cower and hide as a victim does, he would rise up and lead others like him in a revolution that would see the end of those who would do them violence; with the destruction of humanity he would bring about the age of mutants.

Wielding nearly unlimited powers of magnetism, Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. His might has laid waste to entire cities, shifted the orbits of planetoids, and fought the X-Men to a standstill on more than one occasion. Despite this, and despite his single-minded determination to protect mutant-kind from the deprivations of humanity, he is not nearly as cold-blooded as many of his brethren. If mutants are to live in peace, he reasons, domination of humanity is necessary, but destruction is counterproductive.

Add to your friendly neighborhood collection of Marvel Legends with this highly detailed, die-cast metal Magneto figure! This awesome figure has a removable helmet comes with a display case. Approximately 4" tall.

Sandman (Titanium Series Die-Cast, Spider-Man 3)
Flint Marko grew up rough. Abandoned by his father and ignored by his mother, he stole and cheated his way through school. After school he ended up in prison for a few years, but after that life out in the world really didn't offer him much until the birth of his daughter. The first time he held that little girl in his arms, he swore he'd do better by her than his parents had by him. Since then, though, nothing's gone right. He didn't mean to hurt anyone, and he sure didn't mean to get turned into a walking pile of sand. But if life has taught him one thing, it's that the past is in the past. What's happening right now is important, and right now Spider-Man is in between him and being with his wife and daughter.

Add to your friendly neighborhood collection of super heroes with this die-cast Sandman figure! This detailed figure comes with a display case.

Spider-Man (Titanium Series Die-Cast)
New York City is full of super heroes. To most of them, itís more a base of operations than a home though. Johnny and his family spend a lot of time out of town (sometimes way out of town) saving the planet, and the Avengers have their own issues to deal with. The X-Men only even come to the City when somethingís already blowing up or Magneto tries to steal the Statue of Liberty or something. Which leaves a whole city full of innocent folks and the bad guys who terrorize them every single day.

As Peter Parker, Spider-Man has plenty of troubles of his own, but over the years since that fateful spider bite, heís learned the same lesson over and over again. There will always be evil men in the world, willing to use their power at the expense of others. It is up to people of conscience to rise to the challenge of protecting the weak, even at a great personal cost. It is the responsibility of the powerful to lay down their lives in defense of the innocent.

Sling into action with this die-cast metal figure struck in an action pose and comes with a display stand. This is one awesome figure for your collection!

Spider-Man 3 (Titanium Series Die-Cast)
Spider-Man has doubted himself before, sure. But he's also never faced odds like this. One super-powered psycho he can handle, but three? Before now, he's always had his secret identity to protect him, keep his real life somehow safe and apart from his adventures as Spider-Man. It tears him apart knowing how Harry Osborn feels knowing his secret, but the fact that Harry has taken to chasing him with machetes isn't much help either. Venom seems to know his secrets too, and takes joy in exploiting them. Sandman is so tangled up in Peter's past that it sometimes seems like he's been living with the guy for years.

Add to your friendly neighborhood collection of super heroes with this die-cast Spider-Man figure! This detailed 4" scale figure comes with a display case.

Spider-Man, Titanium Series Die-Cast with exclusive patina finish
6.5" tall, including display base.
Wolverine (Titanium Series Die-Cast)
Though he is more than a century old, James Howlett's healing factor gives him the appearance of a man in his prime. Trained for decades as a soldier, hunter, assassin and fighter, he moves with the grace of a predator, hyper-acute senses scanning constantly for danger or prey. A constant tension surrounds him, as with a dangerous animal about whose intentions and behavior you are never sure. It is without a doubt that he is a hero, but he is a hero without mercy or compassion; rather he sees himself as the quick, brutal, bloody solution to many of the world's problems.

Wolverine remembers little of his past, and what he does remember is often contradictory or without context. In addition, the same experiments that bonded indestructible adamantium to his skeleton implanted hundreds of false memories, making his past a difficult and treacherous thing to map out. He knows better than to trust his own recollection, and is determined to discover the truth of his life, no matter how many men he must cut down to find it.

Add to your friendly neighborhood collection of Marvel Legends with this highly detailed, die-cast metal Wolverine figure! This poseable figure comes with a display case. Approximately 4" tall.

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