MARVEL (Famous Covers) action figures

8" Black Widow (Famous Covers)
8" ultra poseable figure includes authentic fabric costume.
8" Captain America (Famous Covers)
The year is 1941 and the world is at war. Deemed physically unfit to serve his country, Steve Rogers was transformed by the Super-Soldier Serum into the star-spangled hero, Captain America. Fighting for freedom during World War II, Captain America plunged into icy ocean waters during one of his missions, and was thought to have been lost forever. Decades later, Cap was discovered frozen in a block of ice and, due to the serum in his veins, was revived, young as he was during the War. Seeking to continue his mission against the evils that plague the world, Captain America joined a team of heroes with the same vision, and became one of the mighty avengers! 8" scale.
8" Carnage (Famous Covers)
Carnage is presented here as he appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #361. This issue spotlights Spidey's first encounter with the insane super villain. The story entitled "Savage Genesis" begins with Peter Parker hearing about a series of brutal murders commited by a monster with "living skin". Peter believed Eddie Brock and his alien symbiotic costume, together known as Venom, to be the culprit and investigates. While looking through computer records at the Daily Bugle, Peter discovers that Brock's last prison cellmate was a convicted serial killer named Cletus Kasady. He looks into Kasady's past and learns that he was an orphan raised at St. Estes School for boys. After speaking to some of Cletus's acquaintances, Spidey searches the long burned down old church for clues. It is there that Spider-Man confronts Kasady, now calling himself "Carnage". The two have a brutal battle, but Carnage escapes. The story ends with Peter coming to the realization that he will have to team up with his sworn enemy, Venom, in order to catch this even more dangerous foe. Spidey later finds out that when Brock's alien symbiote helped him escape from prison, it left behind a spawn that bonded with Kasady. The symbiote imbued him with super strength, the ability to cling to walls and the power to create dagger-like objects from his body. The homicidal maniac now uses his awesome powers to wreak chaos on society on a global scale. 8" ultra poseable figure features an authentic fabric costume.
8" Doctor Doom (Famous Covers)
Victor Von Doom was a brilliant, if arrogant, scientist studying alongside Reed Richards. But when he was caught in a horrible accident, Doom was driven over the edge. Covering himself in armor, he became Doctor Doom! Ruler of his homeland of Latveria, Doom will not be satisfied until he has taken over the entire planet. Using the vast resources at his command and the incredible technologies he has created, Doom faces off against his old nemesis, Reed Richards, now the leader fo the Fantastic Four.
8" Gambit (Famous Covers)
8" ultra poseable figure includes authentic fabric costume.
8" Green Goblin (Famous Covers)
Ultra poseable action figure features authentic fabric costume. 8" scale.
8" Psylocke (Famous Covers)
Presented here as she appeared in X-Men #6 is Elizabeth Braddock, the mutant telepath code-named Psylocke, in her classic ninja stealth costume. In a story entitled "Farther Still", the X-Man known as Wolverine is being hunted by the villainous Omega Red, Matsuo Tsurayababa and Sabretooth. These evil mutants want him because they believe he is the only living being with knowledge of where to find the Carbonadium synthesizer, a device that will prevent Omega Red from having to steal the life forces of others in order to survive. Matsuo tells his partners that he has an X-Men searching for their missing wounded teammate. As Gambit, Rogue and Psylocke battle Hand ninjas while looking for Wolverine, Gambit is knocked unconscious. Betsy apologizes to Rogue saying that she is not in control of her actions before unexpectedly using her psychic powers to knock her out. The female ninja is forced to betray her friend because she is helpless to follow a previously implanted hypnotic suggestion placed by Matsuo Tsurayababa when he captured her in Japan. After interrogating the X-Men for information on Wolverine's whereabouts with no results, Sabretooth takes the hypnotized Psylocke with him on the hunt. As Wolverine walks through the sewers beneath the compound with his former partner Maverick, he realizes that Psylocke is leading Sabretooth to them through their psychic bond. Sabretooth and Psylocke find their prey and a battle ensues. The fight ends quickly with Sabretooth and Psylocke carrying the seemingly unconscious forms of Maverick and Wolverine, but appearances can be deceiving.
8" Scarlet Witch (Famous Covers)
8" ultra poseable figure with authentic fabric costume!
8" Spider-Man (Famous Covers)
Ultra poseable action figure features authentic fabric costume.
8" Storm (Famous Covers)
Orphaned at a young age, Ororo Munroe grew up to become the X-Man known as Storm. Born different than her fellow man, Storm's mutant abilities allow her to control one of the most primal forces of nature - the weather! Summoning great winds and thunder, Storm can use her abilities to fly through the air and even attack her enemies with powerful bolts of lightning!

Presented here as she looked in the classic UNCANNY X-MEN #126 from April of 1980, Storm wears the same costume she did during her very first appearance.

Responding to the appearance of the out-of-control mutant, Proteus, Storm and her fellow X-Men arrive on the scene. Using her incredible mutant powers of weather control, Storm works together with Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Cyclops to restrain the mutant in hopes of helping him learn to control his own mutant abilities.

8" Wolverine (Famous Covers, yellow costume)
A mutant with an unknown past, unbreakable adamantium bones and retractable razor-sharp claws, Wolverine is an unstoppable fighting force! Along with his powerful mutant healing factor, Wolverine can recover from almost any injury he might receive in battle.

Presented here in his classic blue and gold costume, Wolverine looks as he did in Uncanny X-Men #133, first published in May of 1980. In the storm entitled "Wolverine Alone," Wolverine's fellow X-Man Phoenix has been kidnapped by the evil forces of the Inner Circle.

Entering into battle against the members of the Inner Circle, Wolverine is sent plunging deep below the club by the mutant Harry Leland. Left to single handedly take on a division of Inner Circle soldiers, Wolverine leaps into battle! In one of his most memorable scenes, we see that so savage and intimidating is Wolverine that when the last heavily-armed soldier is left to face the adamantium-clawed hero alone he drops his gun and flees rather than face the power of Wolverine!

8" ultra poseable figure features authentic fabric costume.

Daredevil (Famous Covers)
Son of boxer Battlin' Jack Murdock, Matt Murdock's life was forever changed when his attempt to save a man from a runaway truck led to his own exposure to radioactive waste. Blinded by the strange isotope Matt soon found that his remaining senses had been hyper-intensified by the accident. In addition to his enhanced senses, Matt now possessed a type of "radar sense" giving him abilities far beyond the keen of normal men. Triggered by the loss of his father to gangsters, Murdock took the costume and the name Daredevil. Fighting crime and injustice by day as a lawyer, Matt Murdock continues his crusade by night as the man without fear--Daredevil!

Presented here in the classic red costume, Daredevil looks just as he did in the milestone issue, DAREDEVIL #7. Shown battling the undersea prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner on the cover of the issue, Daredevil seems to have met his match. But his reasoning as well as his fighting skills helps him win in the end, leaving both Daredevil and Namor with a valuable lesson. 8" scale.

Mr. Fantastic & Invisible Woman 2-Pack (Famous Covers)
Leading the Marvel Universe's first family of super heroes are the husband and wife team of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman! Gaining their powers through exposure to cosmic energies, the brilliant Reed Richards learned he could stretch his body in just about any shape he desires as Mr. Fantastic, while Sue Richards found invisible force fields as the Invisible Woman.

Presented here as they appeared in the now-classic Fantastic Four #3, Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman sport their very first costumes! Showcasing not only their first appearances in costume, this issue also features the premiere of many of the Fantastic Four's vehicles and machinery. Soundly defeating the villainous Miracle Man by issue's end, the FF are victorious, but left to face the possibility that the Human Torch may leave the team!

These two 8" ultra poseable figures with authentic fabric costumes were a Target exclusive and limited to a production run of 12,000 pieces.

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