8" Carnage (Famous Covers)

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Carnage is presented here as he appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #361. This issue spotlights Spidey's first encounter with the insane super villain. The story entitled "Savage Genesis" begins with Peter Parker hearing about a series of brutal murders commited by a monster with "living skin". Peter believed Eddie Brock and his alien symbiotic costume, together known as Venom, to be the culprit and investigates. While looking through computer records at the Daily Bugle, Peter discovers that Brock's last prison cellmate was a convicted serial killer named Cletus Kasady. He looks into Kasady's past and learns that he was an orphan raised at St. Estes School for boys. After speaking to some of Cletus's acquaintances, Spidey searches the long burned down old church for clues. It is there that Spider-Man confronts Kasady, now calling himself "Carnage". The two have a brutal battle, but Carnage escapes. The story ends with Peter coming to the realization that he will have to team up with his sworn enemy, Venom, in order to catch this even more dangerous foe. Spidey later finds out that when Brock's alien symbiote helped him escape from prison, it left behind a spawn that bonded with Kasady. The symbiote imbued him with super strength, the ability to cling to walls and the power to create dagger-like objects from his body. The homicidal maniac now uses his awesome powers to wreak chaos on society on a global scale. 8" ultra poseable figure features an authentic fabric costume.
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