SPAWN SERIES 13 action figures

Curse of the Spawn 2
We learn from the past. We live in the present. We fear the future. From the not too distant future comes Daniel Llanso - Curse of the Spawn 2. Shards of hardened bone, tissue of rotting semi-organic flesh, and the stench of death are the ingredients of the terror that the Curse of the Spawn unfolds upon those in his path. Don't just be afraid...beware!
Ryan Hatchett, one day an ordinary high school student, the next day dead. The day after that he's back, undead, and finds himself in a strange place fighting off Zombie Spawn and his legion of the undead.
Jessica Priest & Mr. Obersmith
The most deadly assassin since Al Simmons. Compassion is the only thing lacking from Jessica Priest's arsenal of evil. She cuts a path of destruction that takes large chunks from anything in her way. Chunks that she chews up and spits out. She is master over the once human soldier now known only as Mr. Obersmith. A savage killing beast controlled only by Jessica Priest.
Medusa (Curse of the Spawn)
Threatened by her perfection, Athena turned this once beautiful woman into a horrific creature. What was once long flowing hair has been transformed into a vicious entanglement of bendable snakes which mimic her venomous staff.
Raenius (repaint)
Damned by Zeus to a region lower than Hades, Raenius made a deal with Malebolgia. Upon returning to Olympus, Raenius destroyed Zeus and became King of the Gods.
The Desiccator
Daniel Lllanso's arch enemy. The Desiccator is a lumbering mound of weapons and bad intentions. He seeks out the destruction of The Curse of the Spawn. He will not rest until that becomes reality.
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