STAR WARS (Power Of The Jedi) vehicles

B-Wing Fighter (Power Of The Jedi)
Includes 3.75" tall Sullustan Pilot.
Imperial AT-ST & Speeder Bike
To destroy the second Death Star, the Rebels need to gain control of the shield generator on Endor. Just before the battle begins, the wily Ewok, Paploo, commandeers an Imperial speeder bike and creates a diversion that enables the rebel strike team to infiltrate the bunker. The Rebel team, led by Han Solo and Princess Leia, is soon surrounded by Emperor Palpatine's finest troops and pinned down by an Imperial AT-ST. Just when it looks as if the Rebels will be beaten, the Ewoks ambush the Imperial army in a pivotal battle between the technological brawn of the Empire and the organic resourcefulness of the Ewok tribe.

AT-ST features opening hatch to command cabin (holds 1 figure), light blaster cannon that rotates a full 360 degrees, twin blaster cannons and stomping legs.

Speeder bike features flip-up thrust flaps, pivoting maneuver controls, positionable altitude controls, swiveling blaster cannon and an exclusive Ewok Paploo action figure!

Luke Skywalker's Snowspeeder (Power of the Jedi)
The Rebel Alliance uses heavily modified Incom T-47 snowspeeders to defend themselves against the Imperial AT-AT walkers in The Empire Strikes Back. These small, dextrous vehicles are highly maneuverable and can evade enemy targeting. During the Battle of Hoth, Luke pilots a snowspeeder with his friend Dack Ralter as gunner. In desperation, the Rebels devise a strategy: to wrap tow cables around the legs of the walkers, toppling them to the ground. But during the battle, Luke's ship is hit and crashes in the path of an oncoming walker. He must rescue his friend or save himself from the approaching doom. Features include opening cockpit that holds 2 figures, retractable landing gear, authentically styled rear-mounted harpoon gun and includes Luke Skywalker Pilot and Dack Ralter Gunner action figures!
Speeder Bike with 12" Luke Skywalker
Features include a 3-position poseable "action" stand, swiveling front-mounted blaster cannon, pivoting handlebars, positionable foot pedals, removable Imperial poncho and flip-up exhaust flaps!
TIE Bomber (Power Of The Jedi)
TIE bombers are the prime assault bombers of the Empire. In traditional attacks, TIE fighters first soften up the target, and then the TIE bombers come in to finish the job. Their sophisticated targeting sensors enable them to hit specific targets without damaging surrounding areas. This allows them to disable vital areas so that Imperial forces can take control of the crippled vessel or space station. TIE bombers carry a heavy and diverse payload that allows them to not only attack ships and stations but also perform ground bombing and deploy orbital mines. In The Empire Strikes Back, TIE bombers are deployed to locate the Millennium Falcon when it hides in an asteroid field. Features include opening cockpit that holds 1 figure, highly detailed interior and authentic styling, actually deploys bombs and includes Imperial Pilot action figure!
TIE Interceptor
Includes unique 3.75" tall Imperial Pilot and cockpit canopy opens.

Features exploding battle damage.

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