SPIDER-MAN (Web Splashers) action figures

Shop for Spider-Man Web Splashers Action Figures & limited edition Spider-Man accessories at Go Figure Action Figures. We have the best collection of Spider-Man action figures at the best price. No action figure collection is complete without Spider-Man & Friends action figures. We carry Spider-Man Classics from the movie and the villains of Spider-Man. You will find Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 movie collectibles that are not available in stores. Our Spider-Man action figures come in 10" and other sizes, as well as animated and in plush material. If you have questions about your Spider-Man purchase, contact us at orders@gofigureactionfigures.com today! Please make your selection from the categories below or to the left.

Aqua Tech Namor (Web Splashers)
With pump-up water shell wave blaster.
Black Sea Venom (Web Splashers)
The Ultimate Octopus enlists the aid of one of Spider-Man's most ferocious villains, Venom, to help him fight Spider-Man in the waters of the world. To survive underwater, Venom commands his alien symbiote costume to morph into a fish-like form, allowing Venom to breath underwater and swim as fast as a Great White Shark.

Includes pump-up inflatable stingray symbiote.

Deep Sea Dr. Octopus, blue (Web Splashers)
Otto Octavius, I.C. Dr. Octopus, one of Spider-Man's deadliest adversaries, has become even deadlier! Relying on his vast scientific knowledge, Doc Ock combined his own DNA with that of a ferocious octopus, mutating him into an incredibly powerful creature. Armed with real tentacles and his Octo-Craft which can ensnare Spider-Man, Dr. Octopus has truly become the Ultimate Octopus!

Features pump-up inflatable octo-legs and really floats in water.

Hydro Float Spider-Man (Web Splashers)
Includes air pump.
Hydro-Venom (Web Splashers)
Taking to the seas with a small army of alien symbiotes at his side, Venom sets out to take over the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, and make it his own! Riding atop his three-headed water blasting hydra, Venom rushes along the water's surface while his forces attack below. Fighting both Spider-Man and the Atlantian Prince Namor, Venom has his symbiotic hands full! But with his shapeshifting symbiote allies and his underwater whirlwind machines, he's out to give the heroes a fight they won't forget!

Features pump-up water blasting 3-headed hydra that floats and shoots water.

Kayak Spider-Man (Web Splashers)
With pump-up hydro-shield blaster.
Ocean Battle Venom (Web Splashers)
Includes air pump. 6" scale.
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Scuba Splash Spider-Man (Web Splashers)
6" tall, with real diving action.
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