SPIDER-MAN (Vampire Wars) action figures

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Air-Attack Spider-Man (Vampire Wars)
Finding Morbius mutated into a flying bat-like vampire, Spider-Man uses his air-attack gear to take to the skies! Flying at high speeds, and using special equipment, it is everything Spider-Man needs to find and capture the airborne villain! An invaluable tool in the war against the vampires, the air-attack gear gives Spider-Man a 'wing up' against his new enemies!
Anti-Vampire Spider-Man (Vampire Wars)
When Spider-Man teams up with Blade to stop an army of vampires, he does it in his special anti-vampire gear! Complete with armor to protect him from the vampire's attacks, Spider-Man won't have to worry when he and Blade face the dangerous creatures. And with a powerful sunlight-emitting blaster, Spider-Man has the ultimate weapon in the war against vampires!
Blade (Vampire Wars)
Hunting vampires for most of his life, the man called Blade is especially effective because he is a half-vampire himself! Investigating vampire sightings in New York City, Blade is joined by Spider-Man in his quest to stop the mutated vampire Morbius! Using their combined abilities, Blade and Spidey fight to assure their victory in ending the Vampire Wars!
Morbius Unbound (Vampire Wars)
Once able to control his vampyric nature, Michael Morbius has mutated into a darker version of his former self! Now wanting to create a world entirely of his own kind, Morbius begins his plan to take over New York City! With only Blade the Vampire Hunter and Spider-Man to stop him, Morbius builds his vampire army in preparation for the Vampire Wars!
Vampire Spider-Man (Vampire Wars)
Bitten by the mutated vampire Morbius, Spider-Man gains the strength and powers of a vampire himself! With his all-new vampiric abilities, Spider-Man becomes a powerful creature of the night! A Spider-Man unlike any other, the Vampire Spider-Man fights on to put an end to the Vampire Wars!
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