SPIDER-MAN (Sneak Attack, Web Flyers) action figures

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Carnage Spider (Sneak Attack, Web Flyers)
One of Spider-Man's most dangerous villains just got more dangerous with the assistance of a mysterious evil force. By creating a spider to whisk him along a web line, Carnage and his Carnage Spider Flyer can drop from the sky and attack Spidey and catch him off guard. Carnage's unpredictability is what makes him so dangerous, and his Carnage Spider Flyer simply adds to his already sinister agenda. 6" tall.
Copter Spider-Man with Web Copter Flyer (Sneak Attack, Web Flyers)
The city's skyline is where Spider-Man calls his home. At the hint of trouble, Spidey races down on his web line to the rescue. Zipping along from a copter made entirely from webs, Spidey can sneak up on unsuspecting villains and put an end to their evil ways. Spider-Man's webs have always weaved trouble for his enemies, and Carnage and Hobgoblin are no exception.
Hobgoblin (Sneak Attack, Web Flyers)
Gliding in from above the city with his pumpkin bomb flyer comes the menacing Hobgoblin. Armed with pumpkin bombs that he can shoot, Hobgoblin hopes to put an end to Spider-Man once and for all! His already impressive aerial attack doesn't end there. By gliding along with his cape, Hobgoblin can detach himself for an attack that he hopes will send the web-slinger reeling.
Spider-Man with Steel Spider Racer (Sneak Attack, Web Flyers)
In his steel spider, Spidey senses trouble. Patrolling high above the city, Spider-Man can race down on his unwary enemies with the ultimate surprise attack. Soaring down with his steel spider flyer, Spidey spells bad news for his two enemies, Carnage and Hobgoblin. Together with Spidey and his steel spider flyer, you have the power!
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