MARVEL (Overpower) action figures

Adam Warlock
Created by scientists, the being called 'Him' gradually evolved into the entity known as Adam Warlock! A possessor of the Soul Gem, Adam Warlock draws upon power on a cosmic level. Defending the universe from menaces such as Thanos, Adam Warlock has become a hero on Earth and throughout the galaxy. As wise as he is powerful, Adam Warlock remains vigilant against the evil forces that seek power within our universe!
Bone Claws Wolverine
Having bones laced with the super-strong metal adamantium, Wolverine's skeleton was nearly unbreakable! So when Magneto used his powers to rip the metal from inside Wolverine's body, it left him with a normal human skeleton. Now when Wolverine pops his trademark weapons, his enemies see razor sharp claws made of bone instead of metal! But be certain - even without an adamantium skeleton, Wolverine is still the best at what he does!

Includes an exclusive Fleer Overpower playing card.

Scarlet Spider (Overpower)
When Ben Reilly returned from a self-imposed exile, he created the identity of the Scarlet Spider! Fighting crime alone and alongside Spider-Man, the Scarlet Spider is out to prove he's just as much a hero as any web-slinger! Now, with all of Spider-Man's powers and brand-new wrist-firing web projectiles, the Scarlet Spider is one wall-crawler who's out to make a mark! Includes Exclusive Fleer Overpower Playing Card!
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