MARVEL (Modern Age) action figures

Black Bolt (Modern Age)
Black Bolt, the monarch of a race of beings that resides in the Blue Area on the Moon, is a most unlikely leader. Appointed to the throne of the inhumans at a young age, Black Bolt must endure the curse of remaining forever silent for fear of his inhuman powers. He has the ability to harness free floating electrons that react with the speech center of his brain to produce powerful blasts from his vocal chords. A mere whisper from the ruler of the inhumans can topple an aircraft carrier, while one of Black Bolt's screams can reduce a mighty mountain to rubble. With his wife and fellow inhuman Medusa by his side, Black Bolt has proven to be a very capable and benevolent leader.
Captain Britain (Modern Age)
As a research assistant at Darkmoor Research Centre, Brian Braddock was a typical physics student. During a botched theft at the facility, Brian was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident he suffered while trying to escape. The legendary Merlin the Magician saved Brian's life and bestowed upon him a mystical suit that gives him superhuman powers, transforming him into Captain Britain. While the suit Captain Britain wears gives him superhuman strength, the ability to fly and erect mystical force shields, he is powerless without it. As Britain's honorary protector, keeping the UK safe from peril, Captain Britain is a formidable opponent for any foe. 5" scale, includes a trading card.
Son of the criminal mastermind, Fu Manchu, Shang-Chi was trained in the ancient art of Kung Fu at an early age. By the age of nineteen, Shang-Chi had already become the greatest living master of Kung Fu. Aside from that, Shang-Chi is also skilled at a variety of related mental and physical disciplines that make him an even deadlier foe. During his stint as a secret agent for MI-b, British Intelligence Agnency, Shang-Chi refined his hand to hand combat styles by defeating anyone in his path. Although he has no superhuman powers, Shang-Chi has successfully battled superhuman enemies and those armed with highly sophisticated weaponry.
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