MARVEL (Megamorphs) action figures

Find all of your favorite Marvel Megamorphs Action Figures here. We carry the best selection of quality action figures at an affordable price. Search for all Marvel Universe action figures such as Avengers, Captain America, Ghost Rider, HULK, Iron Man and all Marvel superheroes & villains. Marvel comics introduced the toy action figure line, Marvel Legends, and changed the toy world with their keen attention to detail and representation of each figurine. These Marvel Comic Action Figures are available in different color combinations and accessories included. If you need assistance finding a specific or limited edition Marvel action figure, call us at 440-228-5662.

Doc Ock (Megamorphs)
Doc-Bot morphs into Octo-Copter. Features double cannon launcher with 2 cannon projectiles, super hero cockpit, free spinning propeller blades and mega pincer arm with pincing action. Includes character dedicated comic book and 2" Doc Ock action figure.
Spider-Man (Megamorphs)
8" scale Spidey-bot morphs into arachno-fighter. Includes mega morph, 2" scale figure, 2 launchers, 5 projectiles, power pack and a character dedicated comic book.
Wolverine (Megamorphs)
Wolvy-Bot morphs into Aero-Slasher. Features super hero cockpit, mutant missile launcher with 3 missiles, pop-out claw action. Includes character dedicated comic book and 2" Wolverine action figure.
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