MARVEL (Famous Couples) action figures

Find all of your favorite Marvel Famous Couples Action Figures here. We carry the best selection of quality action figures at an affordable price. Search for all Marvel Universe action figures such as Avengers, Captain America, Ghost Rider, HULK, Iron Man and all Marvel superheroes & villains. Marvel comics introduced the toy action figure line, Marvel Legends, and changed the toy world with their keen attention to detail and representation of each figurine. These Marvel Comic Action Figures are available in different color combinations and accessories included. If you need assistance finding a specific or limited edition Marvel action figure, call us at 440-228-5662.

Cyclops & Jean Grey (Famous Couples)
As founding members of the mutant team of super heroes called the X-Men, Scott Summers and Jean Grey began a friendship that quickly blossomed into love. Adventuring around the globe and even into outer space, Scott and Jean have faced the most terrifying of threats. But even when hardships struck this duo, they've struggled to overcome the danger and emerge together even stronger than before. Now married, Cyclops and Phoenix are the foundation of the X-Men team!

Limited to 24,000 pieces made, includes special collector's bookmark.

Spider-Man & Mary Jane (Holiday Special, Famous Couples)
$29.99 $34.99
Peter Parker spends a lot of the time swinging from building to building, patrolling the streets as Spider-Man. But when the holidays come around, Spidey makes sure he's home in time to spend them with his wife, Mary Jane. Spider-Man and Mary Jane celebrate the holidays like any normal couple, except that Spidey delivers the holiday gifts by swinging in through their apartment window!

1 of 35,000 pieces made. Includes an exclusive holiday magnet. Each are 5" scale.

Spider-Man & Mary Jane 2-Pack (Famous Couples)
As Spider-Man, Peter Parker has had some amazing adventures, but he really hit the jackpot the day he met Mary Jane Watson! The love of Spider-Man's life, Mary Jane is one of the few people to know his true identity. With a successful career as an actress and model, Mary Jane leads an exciting life of her own, but when Spider-Man is out risking his life, she worries about him. And even if Spider-Man is in the clutches of some super-villain, he knows he'll be alright, because Mary Jane is there with him in spirit! So when their work is done, Spider-Man and Mary Jane rush home to be in the one place where they're the happiest, and that's together.
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