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Aquaman (DC Comics Unlimited)
Found abandoned, Prince Orin of Atlantis was raised in the ways of the surface world and renamed by lighthouse keeper Arthur Curry. But in the water was where young Arthur truly thrived. In adulthood, he took the name Aquaman and use his aquatic abilities to patrol the seven seas. The aquatic avenger's renown soon earned him a place among the newly assembled Justice League of America.

6.5" tall.

Darkseid (DC Comics Unlimited)
Young Uxas, born to the royal family of Apokolips, murdered his brother and absorbed the deadly Omega Force into himself, claiming both the planet's throne and the god-name of Darkseid. He then launched a savage war. Darkseid's ultimate goal is the Anti-Life Equation, a mysterious formula that will grant him dominance over the will of all creatures throughout the universe. He has pursued the Equation to earth where he fought Superman and the Justice League.

6.75" scale.

Hawkman (DC Comics Unlimited)
When archaeologist Carter Hall uncovered an ancient dagger made from the mysterious Nth Metal, the bizarre substance became infused with his body, granting him the gifts of super-human strength, flight, and living armor. After fashioning a set of artificial wings to steady his flight, Hall took to the skies with an collection of medieval weaponry to protect the streets of New York City, fighting the likes of Morphicius and The Gentleman Ghost. Rest assured the bustling metropolis is safe under the watchful eye of Hawkman.

6.75" tall, includes accessories.

Injustice Batman (DC Comics Unlimited)
$20.99 $24.99
As a young boy, Bruce Wayne saw his parents fall victim to a senseless crime. His focused purpose became to avenge their deaths by fighting Gotham City's criminal elements as Batman. The people of Gotham City see Batman as an almost mythical figure, able to tame any adversary, no matter how powerful. To thwart crime, he relies on his awesome deductive powers, sheer physical speed and an assortment of high-tech weaponry and unique crime-fighting aids.

6.25" tall.

Injustice Superman (DC Comics Unlimited)
6.5" tall Superman is based on the game Injustice Gods Among Us.
Injustice The Joker (DC Comics Unlimited)
6.5" tall Joker features designs based on the video game Injustice Gods Among Us.
Wonder Woman (DC Comics Unlimited)
Naturally confident, strong-willed, and compassionate, Wonder Woman is Princess Diana of the Immortal Amazons from Greek Mythology. When army pilot Steve Trevor crashes on their secluded island paradise, Themyscira, Diana is compelled to experience the outside world. With superhuman strength, Stamina, and the ability to fly, Wonder Woman is a warrior for peace who embodies beauty, intellect and equality.

6.25" tall.

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