CONAN action figures

Inspired by the Hyborian legends as originally written by creator Robert E. Howard, this line of figures represents several characters from the Conan mythos, each accompanied by a written legend.
BÍlit was born in Asgalun, in the northern parts of Shem. Her father, king Atrahasis, taught her how to sail -- and to fight. In a few short years, BÍlit's skills were equal to that of any man, easily commanding the pirate ship The Tigress. On the night Stygian assassins killed her father (by orders from her uncle), BÍlit was reluctantly smuggled out of the city and away from a certain death. 6" scale.
Conan of Cimmeria
One hero towers above all others in the Hyborian world. Black-haired, sullen-eyed, with gigantic melancholies, this is Conan. Barbarian, thief, pirate, raider, mercenary, hero --- but above all, a Cimmerian!

Conan was born amid the carnage of battle as his tribe fought off a Vanir raiding party. The territory claimed by his clan lay in the northwest of Cimmeria, and although he is a purebred Cimmerian, Conan is also of mixed blood. His grandfather was from a southern tribe but was exiled by his people due to a blood-feud, eventually finding refuge in the north. Having taken part in many raids into the Hyborian nations before his exile, he told tales of these softer countries to a young Conan, who vowed to one day see these storied realms for himself.

The son of a village blacksmith in the grim gray hills of Cimmeria, Conan honed his strength and prowess by hunting the wild mountain beasts and competing with the other boys in his tribe. At age 15, already standing 6 feet and weighing 180 pounds though still not fully grown, Conan received his baptism of battle as part of a host of Cimmerian clans that attacked the garrison settlement of Venarium, an Aquilonian outpost encroaching on Cimmerian lands. 6" scale.

Conan the Indomitable
In the year following the destruction of Venarium, Conan made his first journey beyond his homeland. He spent some months among a tribe of the Aesir, fighting the Vanir --- and it was during one of these clashes that he slew Heimdul, father of Skifell.

Tired of the crowded cities in the south, teeming with people of politics and the trivial trappings of civilization, Conan longs to see the vast snow-covered expanses of his native north. Now his quest has brought him into the mountainous borderlands between the Vanir and Aesir.

Back again in the lands where he was born, Conan now must face the son of his long-forgotten enemy. 6" scale.

Conan the Warrior
Ready for battle with ax, sword and support peg. Included base connects with Haunter of the Pits to form interactive diorama. 6" scale.
Fire Dragon
The High Priests have nurtured the Son of Set for generations, raising it on blood, magic and virgin flesh. Thanks to the priests' care and training, this child of Set, this Fire Dragon, has grown to immense size and now possesses great intelligence and power. Its inhuman mystical abilities allow it a direct connection to Set himself, making even the High Priests tremble. The Fire Dragon is a perfect guardian for the hatching scaled ones, and for keeping the Cimmerian pirate imprisoned.
King Conan of Aquilonia
Features a thoughtful, pensive Conan on this throne. 6" scale.
Man-Eating Haunter of the Pits
This massive creature comes packaged with a base that connects with Conan the Warrior to form interactive diorama.
Pallantides of the Black Dragons
Conan's field commander comes with battle armor, base, sword and shield.
Pit Fighter Conan
Sold into slavery as a child, Conan was forced to push a human powered mill known as the wheel of pain. Upon reaching adulthood Conan gained incredible strength and fought as a gladiator and pit fighter. Eventually his owner freed him from slavery after many victorious battles.

Features removable gauntlets, 2 battle axes and diorama base. 7" scale.

Skifell's father was a Vanir Tribe Chieftain slain on the battlefield by one Conan, a Cimmerian, more than 25 winters ago. Though still beardless, this youth's combat exploits were widely spoken of, for he was said to be a prodigious battler, wielding a war-blade like death itself. Since that day, Skifell, has been seeking to avenge his father. A mountain of a Vanir, with both fire in his hair and heart, he is a fearsome fighter and hardened ruler of his folk. When the Cimmerian returned north on a quest away from his glory in faraway lands, tales both old and new spread like snow flakes in a blizzard. Now Skifell has caught up with the man he knows as Conan, Heimdulslayer!
With hair as bright as the summer sun and eyes the color of the bluest sky, Svadun the Aesir Warrior was born with the rising of a bloody new moon, timber wolves howling throughout Nordheim as if possessed. The Gods must have granted her the gift of the Runes of Protection, for this Warrior woman is as quick in wit as she is with her blade -- and she was once saved from certain death by Conan the Cimmerian. Since then she has sworn an oath to save his life in return before journeying back to her beloved tribe in the deep mountain borderlands between Vanaheim and Asgard.
War Paint Conan
Nursed back to health by the wizard Akiro, Conan camouflaged himself and ventured to the Mountain of Power to rescue the daughter of King Osric. Accompanied by his friends, Subotai and Valeria, the warrior thieves battled the members of the Snake Cult and freed the princess.

6" scale figure features Atlantean sword, stewed head and hand, and diorama base.

Xaltotun the Undead
This skeletal sorcerer comes packaged with a base, scepter and a book of evil spells.
Beautiful harem girl comes packaged with a two-part dungeon wall base and real chains.
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