12" Cylon (Tower Records Exclusive)
At last, the 12" Gold Cylon Leader from the classic sci-fi series, Battlestar Galactica. Comes boxed in a 5 panel box and includes three weapons and figure base/stand. By your command this figure can be yours!
Apollo (Battlestar Galactica)
7" tall, includes helmet & blaster.
Battle Damaged Cylon Pilot (Toys R Us Exclusive)
8" tall and more aggressive than their modern counterparts, this Cylon Centurion model ejected from its raider and continued to pursue its target even while free-falling through the atmosphere. Luckily for Husker, Cylons don't pack parachutes.
Battlestar Galactica Titanium Series Die Cast (Galactica)
One of the original dozen battlestars constructed by the Colonial Navy during the first days of the Cylon War, the Galactica was on the verge of retirement when the 12 Colonies were destroyed. It was her very age that saved her from annihilation during that first, devastating attack - antiquated systems protected the Galactica from Cylon tampering. She has become the flagship of the fleet, and the military center of the surviving human society, as well as the last line of defense between humanity and extinction.

Includes display case and features slide-out launch bay arms.

Battlestar Pegasus (Titanium Series Die-Cast)
Bigger, newer and more well-armed than the Battlestar Galactica, the Pegasus survived the initial Cylon attack on the twelve Colonies only by jumping blindly into deep space. There, short of crew and believing herself to be the commander of the only surviving Colonial battleship, Admiral Helena Cain grew increasingly driven and violent. Running her ship with an iron fist, she brooked no challenge to her aurhority, and treated Cylon captives without mercy. As a result of her merciless nature, the Pegasus quickly came into conflict with the Galactica upon their chance meeting, far outside Colonial space.
Classic Cylon Raider (Titanium Series Die-Cast)
Raiders are the primary assault vehicles of the Cylon Imperium. Deployed from immense Cylon basestars, each raider is technically more than a match for the Colonial Viper, making up what it lacks in speed with superior armament and maneuverability. Making matters even worse for the human pilots of the Battlestar Galactica is the universal Cylon tactic of three-unit Raider wings, making almost any engagement a three on one battle. The only advantage an outnumbered, outgunned human pilot has over the formidable Raider is his innate talent for improvisation and abstract thinking.
Colonial Raptor (Titanium Series Die-Cast)
The rugged and versatile workhorse of the Colonial Military, this adaptable ship has proven to be invaluable in the fleets struggle for survival. Originally intended as a medium-range recon vehicle, the raptor has been used as everything from a boarding vessel to an ordnance delivery platform. Though not as fast as the Colonial Viper Mark VII, it is also an effective combat platform, sporting electronic countermeasures capable of thwarting many Cylon weapons.
Cylon Centurion (Titanium Series Die-Cast)
These heavily armored mechanical warriors are the primary offensive forces for the Cylon Imperium. Based on the older Model 0005, their armor, combat frame and weapons systems have been upgraded, making each one more than the equal of an entire squad of Colonial troops. Offensive options include complex, highly articulated hands that double as deadly bladed weapons, and forearm mounted projectile weapons powerful enough to chew through most cover to reach their targets. It is unknown at this time whether these Cylon models are sentient or not, or even whether they can speak.

Features articulated arms and torso.

Cylon Raider (Titanium Series Die-Cast)
As fast and as nimble as the Colonial Viper, the Raider is the definitive fighter of the Cylon military. Much like its Colonial counterpart, this fighter can operate in space and atmospheric environments, but there is a key difference between the two. Cylon Raiders are unmanned ships. Whether they are operated remotely or with an advanced flight program is still unkown to humans.
Samuel Anders (FYE Exclusive)
Once a professional Pyramid star, Anders was rescued from Caprica thanks to the actions of his future wife, Kara Thrace. Confused and alone after her apparent death, his true motivations and nature remain unclear as he attempts to redefine his role as a member of the Galactica crew. 6" scale.
Includes helmet and blaster. 7" tall.
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