BATMAN (Legends Of The Dark Knight) action figures

6.5" action figures.
Assault Gauntlet Batman (Legends Of The Dark Knight)
Sensing an evil threat, Assault Gauntlet Batman's Neural Suit reacts with neural pumped power, tremendously increasing his strength and size to take on even the biggest, baddest villain. To finish off the job, the suit materializes power gloves with spike strike missiles that blast off and cut through any criminal's stronghold.
Batgirl (Legends Of The Dark Knight)
The beautiful, red-haired daughter of Gotham City's Police Commissioner, Barbara Gordon leads an arcane double life: high school student by day, Batgirl by night! A hand-to-hand combat expert, she has managed to tap into Batman's Neural Suit technology, making her crimefighting abilities doubly dangerous to Gotham City's more sinister criminal element. Donning a powerful set of wings, Batgirl swoops over the city like a bird of prey hunting for justice.
Batman Legends of The Dark Knight Box Set
From Gotham City's rooftops to its dark alleyways, Batman's war on crime has become the stuff of legend. Commemorating these adventures of the Dark Knight, DC Direct unveils a new box set featuring one of Batman's closest allies and some of his most nightmarish adversaries!

This box set includes four action figures, all featuring brand new deco paints, as well as LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT SPECIAL, a unique 64-page collection of stories featuring each character's secret origin and other tales.

Clayface (Legends Of The Dark Knight)
A former small-time thug came into contact with a secret pool of protoplasmic liquid, this unknown criminal became the infamous Clayface. It did not take long for Clayface to discover that he possessed the ability to reshape his face and body into anyone he wished to impersonate. One of Batman's most dangerous enemies, it is almost impossible to know when or where Clayface might strike. He often dons a supportive battle-suit to help sustain his structure when in clay form, galvanizing him as one of Gotham City's most menacing threats.
Dive Claw Robin (Legends Of The Dark Knight, black hair)
Dive Claw Robin locks onto Batman's Neural Suit technology, using it to turn his cape into enormous power glide wings that allow him to track down Gotham City's most horrific evildoers in relentless pursuit. When he's got them cornered, he launches a blast attack missile, sending it hurtling with excessive force! 6" scale.
Dive Claw Robin (Legends Of The Dark Knight, brown hair)
Dive Claw Robin locks onto Batman's Neural Suit technology, using it to turn his cape into enormous power glide wings that allow him to track down Gotham City's most horrific evildoers in relentless pursuit. When he's got them cornered, he launches a blast attack missile, sending it hurtling with excessive force!
Glacier Shield Batman
6" scale.
Jungle Rage Robin (Legends Of The Dark Knight)
$24.99 $39.99
A nameless rogue villain is holding some of Gotham City's most notable citizens in the jungle rain-forest arboretum of Gotham Park. Robin is on the scene and the Responsive Camouflage technology of his Neural Suit immediately adapts to his environment, turning him into a fearsome jungle stealth warrior. He becomes almost impossible to see when draped in his cloak, an invisible force able to sneak up on any villain hidden within the jungle. Includes battle staff and utility gauntlet. 6" scale.
Laughing Gas Joker (Legends Of The Dark Knight)
The sinister Joker has never been so menacing! His highly specialized robotic armor gives him tremendous strength while doubling as a decoy suit that blows apart to reveal his true identity and a horrible punch line: dreadful laughing gas canisters set to put the citizens of Gotham City under his evil control. Wild, the incarnation of the Joker himself, is a disgustingly brutal imp, clever and sneaky, who amuses himself and his master with nasty pranks that are a constant threat to Batman! Features exploding decoy suit that reveals his true identity.
Lava Fury Batman (Legends Of The Dark Knight)
An unknown arsonist is wreaking havoc on Gotham City. Luckily, Batman's Neural Suit technology has enabled him to douse this villainous foray. The large solar-array wings are ultrasensitive conductors, extracting energy from heat which is then launched out of the fire-swallower. The energy blast implodes the immediate atmosphere, momentarily depleting surrounding oxygen and causing instantaneous flame suffocation. The hotter the fire, the more powerful the weapon. Only the Dark Knight can truly fight fire with fire! 6" scale.
Lethal Impact Bane (Legends Of The Dark Knight)
He thrives on scorpion venom pumped directly into his twisted brain, finding incredible power in this lethal potion that would instantly kill any other living being. As Lethal Impact Bane metabolizes the poison, his body gains immense bulk and strength, and his mind grows ever more evil. Batman must overcome his massive, venom-powered punch in order to conquer Bane and protect the people of Gotham City.
Man-Bat (Legends Of The Dark Knight)
As a zoologist and genetic researcher, Kurt Langstrom was at the height of his profession. His major research was on the sensory operations of bats. Hoping to improve his own senses, he tested an expierimantal serum comprised of bat genetic material on himself. The result was horrifying: Dr. Langstrom became a giant beast - half man, half bat! Now his savage rage drives him to commit unspeakable acts of crime. Man-Bat will stop at nothing to destroy his nemesis, the Batman! Features huge 15" wing-span attack wings.
Neural Claw Batman (Legends Of The Dark Knight)
From a horrible nightmare, Batman awakens to a twisted, parallel world where the criminals are in total, tyrannical control. In ths apocalyptic vision of Gotham City, the villains are unimaginably deadly and the Dark Knight finds himself surrounded. To fight back and regain control, he develops Neural Suit technology that acts as an integral part of his being, tapping into his thoughts and impulses and automatically reacting to danger without hesitation. Now, Batman becomes a living, breathing weapon and his adventures become Legends of the Dark Knight! 6" scale.
Panther Prowl Catwoman (Legends Of The Dark Knight)
An expert cat burglar, Panther Prowl Catwoman is obsessed with robbing Gotham City of its most priceless jewels and artifacts. As she uses her feline stealth and dexterity to sneak into even the most heavily guarded buildings undetected, her Battle Stalker Panther scouts the perimeters and frightens off anyone who ventures near. When faced with immediate physical danger, her panther converts into an impenetrable "titanium" exoskeleton armor which Batman must overcome to halt her thieving rampage.
Shatter Blade Batman (Legends Of The Dark Knight)
With Assault Cape and Arm Swords! 6.5" scale.
Spline Cape Batman (Legends Of The Dark Knight)
$24.99 $29.99
Danger approaches from all directions at once! Spline Cape Batman is more than prepared for the onslaught, as his Neural Suit technology goes into action with its spiked assault cape picking out each villain and striking with awesome accuracy. And if Batman is weakened in battle, the wing sections automatically form a protective shell, shielding the Dark Knight from harm. Includes spiked assault cape and arm swords. 6" scale.
Twister Strike Scarecrow (Legends Of The Dark Knight)
A nightmarish vision of evil with haunted, glowing eyes, Twister Strike Scarecrow rises like a hideous, ghostly apparition and launches his reign of terror. He clears a path of destruction with his deadly scythe slash attack that cuts down all who stand in his way - all except for Batman, who stands determined to end the tyranny. Features scythe slash attack and nightmare glow eyes.

8" tall.

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