Starscream (Cybertron)

Starscream (Cybertron)

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Unsurpassed in ego or ambition, Starscream is the scheming second-in-command to Megatron. With his mastery of the sword, null-ray cannons that can disrupt the functioning of even the most hardened Autobot and a vast array of secondary weapons, Starscream is second only to Megatron and Optimus Prime in power. His speed is uncanny, often giving slower 'bots the impression that he actually teleports around the battlefield.

Left stranded on Earth to battle Jetfire - the only Autobot warrior capable of even coming close to matching Starscream for speed or skill in aerial combat - he plots to seize a Planet Key for himself in order to gain the power he needs to finally overthrow Megatron and take command of the Decepticon army. Though his battle prowess is legendary, he lacks the practical intelligence to hide his ambition from his leader, and Megatron is more than aware of his plotting.

Includes Decepticon crown of leadership, 2 Planet Keys, snap out Energon blade and arm-mounted Null Ray cannon with firing projectile. Features light-up missile rack with electronic rocket blast sounds.

Requires 2 x 1.5v "AAA" or R03 size batteries, not included.

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