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  • jeangreymoviefigure4-t
    Jean Grey (movie, with zipped up costume)
    Jean Grey has the mutant power of telekinesis - the ability to move objects with her mind. She also has limited telepathic powers that enable her to hear the thoughts of others in close proximity. As a member of the X-Men, Jean uses both her extraordinary mental gifts and scientific genius to try to create a better world for both man and mutant. She is the object of affection for both Cyclops and Logan, which often causes tension within the outlaw band of mutants. 5" scale. PLEASE NOTE THAT PLASTIC IS YELLOWING.
  • storm(moviewithzippedupcostume)t.jpg
    Storm (X-Men movie, with zipped up costume)

    Ororo Munroe was orphaned as a child and raised in the streets and back alleys of Cairo, where she had to rely on her wits and courage to survive. The white haired beauty's mutant ability to command the forces of nature manifested in adolescence while she was living in Africa. It was there that Charles Xavier discovered the young mutant girl being worshiped as a goddess and recruited her to join his team of X-Men. The mutant telepath code-named her Storm because of her power to summon hurricane-force winds, torrential rains and intense bolts of lightning. She now uses her complete command of the weather to protect a world that fears and hates her. 5" scale.

  • magneticspiderman2(t).jpg
    Magnetic Spider-Man (with Spiral Spinning Action)
    Extend corners of base for stability, attach flag to top section of flagpole, snap 3 sections of flagpole and collar together and snap into base, use the magnets in Spider-Man's hands and feet to attach him to collar, release figure for spiral spinning action! 6" scale.