Sorceress (Classics)

Sorceress (Classics)

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When Mama says knock you out, young Teela listens – unfortunately, she doesn't know the Heroic Guardian of Castle Grayskull is her mama! One of the most demanded and essential characters from the Masters of the Universe line, the Sorceress is sculpted in gorgeous detail by The Four Horsemen and fully articulated, including her winsome wings. She comes complete with her Staff of Power, Zoar bird form and bird perch/removable armor.

Sorceress Bio
Real Name: Teela'na

Growing up in a small Eternian village, Teela’na helped defend her people from a Horde Scout ship that had discovered her planet on a magic locating mission. Recognized for her loyalty, courage and wisdom, the current aging Sorceress chose Teela'na to take up her title and defend Castle Grayskull's secrets for the next generation. During her reign as Sorceress, Teela'na not only cast the spell to clone the Sword of He, she was also cloned herself by Skeletor who desired a magic-wielding bride to pass on his legacy. With the help of Man-At-Arms, Teela'na saved the cloned child. And it was through her undying love and devotion to this baby girl that Teela'na gave her up to Man-At-Arms, awaiting the day when her daughter would become the new Sorceress and Guardian of Castle Grayskull's secrets.

6" tall.

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