Hoth Speeder Bike Patrol (The Legacy Collection)

Hoth Speeder Bike Patrol (The Legacy Collection)

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The Rebels establish Echo Base on the cold and inhospitable planet of Hoth. When an Imperial probe droid locates the base, Darth Vader’s Death Squadron arrives with AT-AT walkers, snowtroopers and scout troopers, who pour over icy landscape to attack the valiant Rebels. As large weapons blast the base, scout troopers provide mobile reinforcements for the invading stormtroopers.

The one-man Speeder Bike vehicles are capable of amazing speed and superb maneuverability in the capable control of Imperial scout troopers. These Scout troopers wear special armor designed for the cold climate. They patrol the area on speeder bikes to keep track of the Rebels’ movements.

Recreate edge-of-your-seat movie moments from the Star Wars film saga with these detailed figures and vehicles – or create a new excitement of your own when you add them to your collection!

Includes two Scout Trooper figures and two Speeder Bike vehicles.

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