Justice League of America 5-Pack (Series IV)

Justice League of America 5-Pack (Series IV)

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As the guiding intelligence behind Superboy and Impulse, his teammates in Young Justice, Tim Drake must constantly find new ways to hold Superboy and Impulse in check - no easy task for a young hero who has no super-powers of his own. Fortunately, his years of training with Batman have taught him well, and he is quite adept at getting his teammates to see the wisdom of his thinking - when he can keep up with them, that is.

Superboy may not have all the incredible might of his namesake, Superman - but what he lacks in power, he makes up for in self-assurance. With his power of tactile-telekinesis, which gives him super-strength, flight and a number of other unusual abilities, Superboy is always ready to leap into action, alongside Robin and Impulse, his Young Justice teammates.

If there's one thing that Bart Allen is good at, it's not taking life - or anything else, for that matter - too seriously. Raised in the 30th century, Impulse has inherited super-speed from his grandfather, Barry Allen (a.k.a. The Flash), but none of his common sense. Somehow, this teen hero always manages to come out on top anyway, as he has shown in countless battles with the forces of Young Justice.

Hologram Martian Manhunter
A creature of pure energy, this warped replica of the Martian Manhunter possesses powers nearly equal to the original Justice League of America hero. Like the Hologram Aquaman, this evil entity is a living hologram created by some of the JLA's greatest foes, and dedicated to its destruction.

Hologram Aquaman
Created by a consortium of the Justice League's deadliest enemies, this malevolent version of Aquaman is a living hologram composed of pure energy. While not quite as powerful as his heroic look-alike, this evil version of the Sea King lives to wreak havoc on the world.

Each includes their own display stand.

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