Optikk (Classics)

Optikk (Classics)

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Evil knows no bounds, and the first Masters of the Universe Classics figure from the "New Adventures" story line is a villain from the far-off Tri-Solar System! Fan-demanded Optikk, Space Mutant Spy for Skeletor, receives an impressive depth of detail by the Four Horsemen. This fully articulated cycloptic cyborg touches down with original concept art and interchangeable heads with different eye colors (one brown, one green). His malevolent spying activities are made all the more cunning with these accessories:

Photon Neutralizer
Mutant shield

Optikk Bio

Real Name: (pronounced through a series of blinks)

A Space Mutant spy from the foggy polar region of the planet Denebria, the spyeye eyeball of Optikk is specially adapted to see through the dense Denebrain fog of his homeworld, making him an ideal spy. He carries a Photon Neutralizer, which has made him one of the most feared of the Space Mutants in the Tri-Solar System. Optikk allied himself with Skeletor shortly after the Lord of Destruction defeated Hordak and turned his ambition to the Horde Empire, forming a coalition of mutants and outcasts to conquer the universe. Optikk serves Skeletor by keeping an eye on He-Man and all of the Galactic Protectors of the planet Primus.

6" tall.

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