Fisto (Classics)

Fisto (Classics)

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When the Masters of the Universe need to get a grip on evil, they turn to their right-hand man, Fisto! Sculpted by the Four Horsemen, this fully articulated figure features swappable heads with and without a 2002-2003 inspired headband. With a removable belt and vintage purple sword, the hard-hitting brother of Man-At-Arms is ready to bring the pain with the long-awaited missing 2002-2003 oversized smasher sword that was cut from the 2002-2003 figure at the last minute! And, for easy access in critical battle situations, the smasher sword fits into the back armor slot.

Fisto Bio
Real Name: Malcom

The older brother of Duncan, Randor's first Man-At-Arms, Malcom served under King Miro during the Great Unrest but was wounded in battle and stricken with magical amnesia. Wandering through Eternia, he settled in the Mystic Mountains in a mining settlement, unable to piece together how he lost his battalion. His life changed when the Snake Men attacked his town and he helped save the Masters of the Universe from their trap. But in doing so, Malcom shattered his right hand. In gratitude, Duncan replaced it with a robotic strong arm. Now known as Fisto, he has made up with his brother and fights as a heroic member of the Masters of the Universe smashing evil with his giant knuckles!

6" scale.

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