8" Black-Suited Spider-Man 3 (Unleashed 360)

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Experience the incredible world of Unleashed 360! This collectible figure is the ultimate in posable detail, bringing the black-suited super hero to "life." Featuring 360 degrees of action and a configurable base ideal for hanging on a wall or displaying on a shelf, this super-poseable figure lets you recreate the intense action and high-flying battles between Spider-Man and his most deadly enemies. Figure comes with web display stand. His mind infected by the thoughts of an alien symbiote and his strength enhanced by the creature that clings to his skin, Spider-Man feels an uncharacteristic rage taking him over. His best friend is trying to kill him, his girlfriend is unimpressed with his strange, new powers, and his Uncle Ben's real killer has shown his face. The world is out to get him; all you have to do to see that is look at the front page of the Bugle. Well if the world wants to think of him as a dangerous vigilante, then that's what they'll get, and Sandman is going to be the first to get a personal taste.
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